Amid distractions and unrelenting business, we forget who we are

WE ARE always running out of time

THROW problems  AT US to solve

WE are constantly distracted by notifications


Soularium IS DESIGNED TO help you relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress
by being a provider as soul sanctuary, a nurturing place for energy renewal.


The Soularium design and experience are characterized by an understanding that the sum of its parts provide a profound sense of interconnection to the whole.


Soularium is designed to transport you beyond your faulty thoughts, emotional suffering, and bodily distractions to allow you to communicate with your inner essence and access your inner knowing.


As the frequencies slow down, from 500 to 400 hertz, the frequencies can give a vibrational message, down all the way to your cells. You will be opened to finding frequencies to elevate the body's cells to a super healing-state, rebuilding more tissue.


When the brain is in synchronicity, there's more focus. Alternating Bilateral sounds is an effect tool to use on cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headaches, and premenstrual syndrome.


Based on chromatherapy methodologies, the pods use light and color to activate and affect a person's physical, mental and emotional health. In the Soularium, the pods impart a beautiful therapeutic coloring experience.

IMMERSIVE, multi-sensory

The Soularium’s environment offers the possibility of opening to a deeper and more poignant comprehension of what it means to be a multidimensional being. It does this by communicating through light baths, dream like visuals & healing sound frequencies




The dome consists of 2 parts—the exterior geodesic dome and the interior projection dome. The exterior geodesic dome establishes the shape of the ceiling and provides structural support; the interior dome functions as a projection screen providing a canvas for projection art.

The dome concept was chosen because it represents the constantly expanding and infinite cosmos.  Just like Mother Nature or the Universe, the dome shape is forgiving, as there are no edges and boundaries. The cosmos teaches us that we all share the same origin, yet it also reminds us that each individual has their own destiny.


Artistic and dynamic forms of multimedia are projected from the central pillar and onto the interior projection dome, similar to a planetarium theater.
Reminiscent of Joseph Campbell's "hero's journey," the featured film journeys through each of the 7 chakras—from root to head and utilizes the full color spectrum. Working in tandem with a 360° mirror covering the central pillar, the film presents a story about a seed discovering its soul.


Around the perimeter of the Soularium structure, reside a total of 6, equidistant
columns of light. From a bird’s-eye view, the circular column tops form the
circles or vertices of "sacred geometry," symbols based on its roots in the study
of nature. These columns are "light shower pods" designed for those who would
prefer a more individual or private experience.


Lights provide color therapy and are integrated along the edges of each hammock. Guests may choose to lay down or sit on
these hammocks to engage in a shared, collective experience located in the center of the Soularium.

The horizontal surfaces that project outwards around the base of the central pillar are "horizon hammocks." Hovering just above the
coast (the floor), the horizon hammocks glow with mix of 7 chakra colors, similar to colors of twilight and sunset along the horizon.


Symbols represent principles, guidance, and ancestral wisdom that provide the Soularium guests with an evocative sensory experience.

Symbolism provides a compendium of universal knowledge that is timeless and eternal of what has not only been learned, but has endured from individual and collective experience over the annals of time. The Central pillar walls showcasing man’s communion with nature and
earth, symbolism is used throughout to speak beyond words to our relationship with the cosmos.


The custom-designed central pillar provides the 360 degree visual projections of nature on the Soularium walls and also projects the multimedia film
from the dome. The pillar features a cylindrical mirror with light emanating from the top. The central pillar is a source of energy (e.g. light, sound, etc) and knowledge and it also provides Soularium guests with moments of wonderment, awe, and curiosity.

The central pillar is located in the middle of the Soularium and serves a variety of purposes and interpretations. The pillar represents the joining and unification of elements. Starting from the base of the central pillar, it bridges a physical connection with guests through the attached hammocks, which are distributed around the mirrored surface of the central pillar.

Lined with healing lights of color, the pillar provides a spatial relationship to the Soularium, with the hammocks representing the horizon. Next, the central pillar houses the Soularium's sound source —its voice and delivers alternating bilateral and subwoofers of audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissues and cells within the body.


All of the physical structures are designed to be transposable, interchangeable, and portable.  In applying the modularity lens of resourcefulness and utilization to materiality, the structure is sustainable. using minimal materials. For instance, the same materials can be used interchangeably in different shapes and forms throughout the exhibit.There are four different sizes on a scale from small to extra-large dimensions designed for easy scalability.  Using a modularly designed exhibit allows the easy expansion of the Soularium experience based on application, environmental needs, and the number of people.

Ease of assembly is also afforded by designing compatible parts, such as interchangeable structural columns and all the sonar tubes, which have consistent measurements. The modular design allows for ease of assembly and disassembly, transportation, and portability.Although the Soularium aim is modular, in doing so, it does not compromise quality or performance. Lastly, modularity makes it easy to add beauty to the space, providing homage to the limitless nature of the human spirit by providing sensory, spatial, and immersive experiences for the collective.