Personal Yet Universal 

Personal, Yet Universal: The Soularium perceives both the (individual) and the all-inclusive (aggregate). Each has its role in our reality. The individual voyage for individualization and accomplishment of self-completion is a piece of the general evolvement of our fabulous universe.

The Soularium insists on the human heart, the magnificence of the human spirit, human respect, the strengthening of the individual, and the significance of finding internal consummation, your delight.

Soularium can recuperate physical worries just as it can harmony passionate equalization Additionally, in the wake of verifying physical and enthusiastic needs one can get significant serenity comprehensively and lead towards all-encompassing wellbeing.

Self-completion speaks to the development of a person toward satisfaction of the most noteworthy needs—those for importance throughout everyday life, specifically.

Soularium applies an impact like a "development potential" whose point was to coordinate harmoniously the "genuine self" and the "perfect self" accordingly developing the rise of the "completely working individual. After turn out from the experience of Soularium one can feel exceptionally imaginative, mentally powerful which can make one as a self-actualized person.

The concept of self-actualization is related to the concerns of positive psychology through its connection with the idea of well-being. This program focus on excellence and enjoyment as a symptom of the realization of potential shows the relation between self-actualization and well-being. Soularium can help one to make a firm decision which leads towards becoming a self-actualized person who is highly independent, they do not depend on people, the world, or any external factors for their happiness. Instead, they draw satisfaction from their own development and personal growth.

Soularium make one as a problem solver, after experiencing this therapy one can able to think out of the box & they are also not confined themselves person-oriented, they have a genuine desire to help the human race.

They are quick to spot problems in the world and, because they are problem solvers, they don’t hesitate to look for solutions. This genuine desire to help is not rooted in personal gain, glory, recognition, or any other self-serving motive, these trends make one as a self-actualized people, who have a strong sense of purpose and want to leave the world better than they found it.

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.”- Joseph Campbell, American Mythologist 

The Solarium is designed to transcend the physical and mental realms—to provide meaning, engagement, and transformation for the individual soul and therefore ultimately the collective. H.P. Blavatsky wrote, “no man can rise superior to his individual failings without lifting the whole body of which he is an integral part.  Similarly, no one can sin nor suffer its effects alone.  

There is no such thing as separateness” (Blavatsky 203). The underlying concept of the Soularium is understanding that we are all connected, that the only thing that separates us from each other is the duality of the ego-mind which negates the basic principle that “We are all one.”  

Soularium gives us a view of spirituality, which refers to the qualities that inspire us to do what is right and good for ourselves and for others. It may involve experiencing those larger forces, especially the connections we have with other beings and our interrelatedness with them. And it also involves applying those qualities in one’s personal, professional, and community life.

“When we begin to loosen up those barriers and understand that we're all connected, there's a new level of understanding - there's a new poignancy of feeling because we start to actually have an ability to love ourselves and others from a much deeper place.”
- Aaron Doughty


The Soularium design and experience are characterized by an understanding​ that the sum of its parts provides a profound sense of interconnection to the whole.​

The​ Soularium sees things from a holistic​ point of view. ​Whether featuring​ the mind, body, heart,​ ​or​ soul, the ​Soularium presents a​ wider ​perspective addressing​ both the individual and the collective. 

The Soularium designs, displays, and utilizes a wide spectrum of colors, sounds, and visuals.  It does so by applying an interdisciplinary collaboration of science and imagination, material and non-material to include​ ​the esoteric such as a display of the human chakra system. ​ 

By combining sound, wavelengths and rhythm, Soularium meditation channels the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit, adjusting the chemical composition of our internal states and regulating brain-hemisphere imbalances, contributing to a natural abatement of fear and despair–emotions that underlie both of these common afflictions.

By balancing the nervous system, it regulates the chronic stress and tension that is the norm for many people in today’s hyper-stimulated lifestyle. And by balancing the endocrine system, it normalizes hormone production, which balances our moods and overall sense of well-being.

The vibrations also fuel the vital points on our body that help to improve the blood circulation and get rid of toxins. It acts as a blood pressure regulatory aid. This creates more endorphins in our body and thus helps to create a better mood by stimulated the limbic system of the brain and helped those where were depressed. There are many areas of the brain that are stimulated when proper frequency hit on that part including the amygdala, orbitofrontal cortex, hippocampus, anterior cingulate gyrus, insula, parahippocampal gyrus, orbitofrontal cortex, and thalamus. The vibrations from each frequency have the power to rearrange our molecular structure. Each sound has a distinct vibration, which has a broader effect in the body as well as mind and this leads towards spirituality.

Soularium’s concept underscores a dynamic interrelated whole system, not just a collection of ​parts. To further enhance this concept of unity, the Soularium’s design and displays include a synergistic ​selection and usage ​of curated elements, purposively applied in disconnected combinations​ that make the difference ​between the ordinary and extraordinary​ ​which​ enables the transformative experience. Overall, the ​holistic ​approach seeks to provide an environment for Soularium guests in which to experience higher dimensions of consciousness.

Transformation (Sacred)

The desired outcome of Soularium is transformation. The Soularium intends to awaken and nourish each person’s soul using visuals, sound, and light; it is a greenhouse for the soul.  Once we become awakened, we can embody more of the higher transcendent states of being.  Lower consciousness keeps us in duality, judgment, and discord.  Being human, there will be dips up and down but once awakened to higher levels of being, one can redirect out of lower moments choosing more evolved behavior. The Soularium invites this ascension to higher consciousness by using displays that speak to this level of mind, such as the shimmering infinity mirror, offering communication beyond words, allowing for an "Aha" moment to a deeper structure of the brain that is beyond words. The infinity mirror, along with other displays, offers an invitation to enter a terrain beyond where the ordinary brain can take you. 

The physical structure of the Soularium and its light, shading, and sound encounters offer the Soularium visitors the chance to get away from the world and take a brief reprieve. The Soularium gives a consecrated spot to encounter more elevated levels of cognizance. The Soularium's condition offers the plausibility of opening to a more profound and increasingly piercing understanding of being a multidimensional being.The soul is the ultimatum for a human being. If one transforms the soul of a human being, every aspect of the human being will be transformed.  

To transform the soul is to cleanse karma, purify, accumulate virtue, become a purer form and unconditional universal servant, and uplift the soul’s spiritual standing to enlightenment and further. When this is done, blockages to transformation in every aspect of life are removed. And in the Soularium one can able to experience this transformation. To transform the soul, use the power of the soul. Soul Power is the power of the Soul World & this audio-visual therapy will increase this power. Soul Power connects with Heaven and the Divine. Divine Soul Power is beyond imagination. 

The soul transformation by Soularium can be grouped by six steps, they are as follows:

Step 1: Soul healing 

By proper chromotherapy & frequency bath removing the suffering of humanity and all souls. Humanity suffers at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. In the human realm, there are thousands of different sicknesses. In the soul realm, there are countless sicknesses. A human being needs healing for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When people are suffering, it is very hard to create love, peace, and harmony for humanity, mother earth, and all universes. In order to create love, peace, and harmony, we have to offer soul healing to remove the suffering of humanity and all souls. Every system, every organ, every cell, every DNA and RNA has a soul. Soul has the power to heal itself. Soul has the power to heal the mind and body, and it can be easily possible with experiencing Soularium.

Step 2: Prevention of sickness in the soul

With the help of Soularium, one can get rid of soul sickness by delivering the soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practices to empower one to do soul prevention of sickness for our physical, emotional, phycological and spiritual bodies.

Step 3: Soul rejuvenation

After come out from the experience of Soularium the frequency treatment heal and rejuvenate the soul first; then rejuvenation of the mind and body will follow in the same manner. The effects of all used frequencies are given in the section of the Appendix.

Step 4: Soul transformation

This is required for every aspect of life, including relationships. Soularium can transform the soul first by healing and maintain previous steps; then it can transform the consciousness and this leads towards a better life.

Step 5: Soul enlightenment

This is the first step on the enlightenment journey. To reach soul enlightenment, one needs great purification. On the soul enlightenment journey, one needs to remove selfishness, attachments, ego, struggles for power, and more, in order to become a pure, humble servant for humanity and the Divine. After soul enlightenment comes mind enlightenment, which is more difficult to reach. It requires even more purification and commitment to be an unconditional universal servant for humanity and the Divine. But these all can be achievable with proper frequency and wavelengths treatment which can be delivered by Soularium. After mind enlightenment, one can move to body enlightenment. For that one have to heal all sicknesses at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels and have to prevent sickness, rejuvenate the soul, mind, and body, and enjoy a long life. 

Step 6:  Enlighten all humanity.

Everyone can be transformed to become pure channels to serve humanity and the Divine. Soul enlightenment is the final destiny of one’s spiritual journey. To enlighten humanity is the Divine’s direction for service to humanity. To enlighten humanity is to uplift the soul standing of every human being. Whoever receives soul enlightenment first will receive the benefits of soul enlightenment first. All the benefits can guide a better world.
Soularium can offer to purify the soul, radiate the true love within the heart, remove the selfishness, ego, and attachments and help to gain Soul Power to heal the suffering of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and balance the soul, heart, mind, and body. This attains inner peace and inner joy, removes blockages from relationships and uplifts the soul standing in Heaven to be closer to the divine realm and realize that the true purpose of life is to serve humanity and all souls, transform their consciousness and enlighten them. By achieving all these one can heal themself and propagate the wellness into the society also.
The Soularium is intended to have the option to encounter entering the internal adytum, the sacrosanct spot inside every spirit that is the course for information between the Divine and mankind which is transformative; it begins the voyage toward the comprehension of the total unity with all the fixings.


The Soularium uses symbols to represent principles, guidance, and ancestral wisdom that provide the Soularium guests with an evocative sensory experience. Everything has a figurative purpose for deeper soul resonance and the use of symbols provides a shortcut route to vast amounts of sacred knowledge. Symbols are a book in a look; they contain an encyclopedia of knowledge that the soul instinctively resonates with. Whether it is the cocoon pod within the light rods representing the growth of the human soul, the light display that activates chakras, or the Central pillar walls showcasing man’s communion with nature and earth, symbolism is used throughout to speak beyond words to man’s relationship with the cosmos.

“We need a spirituality that emerges out of reality deeper than ourselves, a spirituality that is as deep as the Earth process itself, a spirituality born out of the solar system and even out of the heavens beyond the solar system. For it is in the stars that the primordial elements take shape in both their physical and psychic aspects. Out of these elements, the solar system and Earth took shape, and out of Earth, ourselves.”- Thomas Berry (“The Spirituality of the Earth,” in The Sacred Universe, 74)

Symbolism provides a compendium of universal knowledge that is timeless and eternal of what has not only been learned but has endured from individual and collective experience over the annals of time.  


Patterns are the foundation of all levels of manifestation becoming more brilliantly complex at higher levels of creation.  From a more evolved place, one can go beyond the enigmatic nature of dualistic thinking. 

John Randolph Price says, "The only problem you face in life is the belief in separation from Source. Solve that one and all the other ones will vanish."The Soularium provides a soul experience that allows you to transcend the ordinary and realize the interconnectedness with the oneness of life which, in short, is the alchemical process.